Admission to Critical Care

When a patient is first admitted to Critical Care it is normal for you to feel helpless, and desperate to know everything you can about their chances of recovery. However, the patient will need time to let their body rest and get over the stress of becoming so ill. If you have questions about what is being done, ask the staff. They will answer your questions as well as they can, but they will not want to give you false hope. The staff will be happy to explain what they are doing and they will be able to update you as time goes on.

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We will try to ensure visiting as far as possible while maintaining the safety of our patients, visitors and staff. You may be asked to step out to the waiting area while visiting to allow the medical and nursing teams to deliver patient care or to facilitate privacy for patients in adjacent beds if required. These interruptions will be as short as possible.

Visiting restrictions may be introduced at times to limit the spread of infection. You will be told about any restrictions when your relative is admitted. Please gel or wash your hands when entering and leaving the clinical area.

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We ask families to nominate one person to act as contact for all communication. Staff caring for your loved one will be happy to discuss the care being delivered and answer any questions you might have during visiting. If you are unable to visit we will endeavour to keep you up to date by telephone. Patients who are able can also contact relatives themselves.

Senior medical staff will endeavour to speak to you during visiting but may not be immediately available depending on clinical activity. If other teams are involved in your relative's care an appointment can be arranaged to speak to them if not available during visiting.

We are also able to offer live video communication through NHSG Attend Anywhere. A bedside computer will be used to enable you to see your loved one and talk with staff. We try to fulfill all requests for video communication, however there may be times where high levels of activity on the unit prevent it.

Click for a leaflet explaining more about the use of NHSG Attend Anywhere.

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Where Are We?

There are two Critical Care Units in ARI and you should be told which area your relative has been admitted to. Both units are run by the same team and are fully equipped to the same high standard of a modern tertiary intensive care / critical care unit.

The main entrance is from Foresterhill Road, across from the multi-storey car park.

Ward 201
Previously known as General ICU. Located on level 0 of the pink zone. Access through the main entrance then descend one level. The unit is behind the canteen. There is controlled access - please ring the bell and wait for attention. Should staff enter or leave please continue to wait.

Ward 106b
Previously known as Medical HDU. Located on level 4 of the green zone. Access from level 0 of the main hospital. After entering through the main entrance descend one level and follow the signs for green zone. There are stairs or lift up to level 4.

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All the facilities listed accept payment cards including contactless.

  • M&S Simply Food at the main entrance sells a wide range of food and drink and is open until 22:00 daily.
  • WH Smith at the main entrance sells food and drink, newspapers and magazines, and a range of other products such as toiletries, medicines, and greetings cards.

Aroma Coffee is owned and run by the NHS and profits are reinvested into NHS services.

  • Aroma Main Concourse - serves a range of hot drinks and snacks.
  • Aroma ED Entrance - hot and cold drinks, snacks, and a small shop. In the foyer of the Matthew Hay Building.
Hot Food
  • Pink zone canteen - open for breakfast and lunch service. Snacks, full meals, and hot drinks available.
  • Aroma Cairngorm - off the main concourse. Serves meals, snacks and refreshments throughout the day with table seating.
Vending Machines
  • There are vending machines in the waiting rooms in ward 201 selling drinks and snacks.
  • There are further machines opposite the yellow zone lifts on level 0. This is the same level as ward 201 and is at the bottom of the steps down from the main concourse.